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Explore Four Elements in four days this Summer with Nature:Arts Educator Amy Lewis Sweetman - founder of AGRISCULPTURE, within the glorious wooded lands of Emmerich Tree Farm of Warwick, NY!

Designed for children ages 8-12 and next offered in July and August, each day of each Summer Nature:Art Workshop Series will celebrate a distinct element – Earth, Air, Water & Fire - by featuring a Guided Discovery Walk in Nature, Nature Observation/Journaling, a 2D Nature:Art Activity as well as a 3D Nature:Art Activity.

Earth Day features a Forest Discovery Walk, Creation of a personal Nature Journal from Recycled Materials, Nature Journaling, 2D Nature Printing on the Nature Journals as well as creating a 3D Earth Sculpture from found materials.

Air Day features a Feathered Friend Discovery Walk, Nature Journaling, 2D Bird Drawing in the field as well as creating a 3D Air Sculpture from found materials.

Water Day features an Aquatic Friend Discovery Walk, Nature Journaling, 2D Water Coloring in the field as well as creating a 3D Water Sculpture from found materials.

Fire Day features a Kindling Wood Discovery Walk, Nature Journaling, Intro to Campfire Creating, 2D Natural Charcoal Painting as well as creating a 3D Fire Sculpture from found materials. Making and eating S’mores at the end of Fire Day will wrap up each Workshop Series!

Water, apples and popsicles will be provided as snacks all four days – and additionally, “make your own” s’mores will be provided on the final day of each Workshop Series.

Art materials are also provided.

Upcoming Summer 2023 Sessions:

July 24-27 (Monday – Thursday) from 10am – 12pm

August 21 – 24 (Monday – Thursday) from 10am – 12pm

Class size is 12 students max, with advance registration required.

For more information - and to ENROLL TODAY - please visit:

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