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AGRISCULPTURE Studios - for the past few years - has drawn not only human visitors from all over the World - but those of the Wolf variety as well...

Please enjoy a story written for DIRT Magazine - from the perspective of WOLF...

I am WOLF : Encounters Between Friends


Sunset lights - playing - dancing - silver blue glowing - shadow snow.  Crystal crackling partially frozen - wild carcass lying - waiting - rewarding - many solitary miles.  Sinewy delicious - nourishing feasting.  Walking Woman - stopping silently - observing - breathing.  Her breath clouds – hovers – dissipates - she comes no closer.  I see her.  Continuing eating - she’s continuing – watching – blinking - breathing - we have an understanding. 

She sees me - she is Friend.  I am whelp - I am WOLF. 

Midday field - tiny farmhouse with many flowers.  New grass - small creatures - side of the road.  I pay no mind - front porch Woman - sundress staring - barefoot - strawberry lemonade.  Rolling and yelping - yipping and biting - first kills - new meat - small victories - quick learning.  Laughing and ears pointing - tail wagging and teeth baring - powerful - mighty - I fend for myself and taste fresh joy.

She acknowledges me - she is Friend.  I am pup - I am WOLF. 

Black night - Warwick hills - deep time and dark space.  I call out – echoing – repeating – howling – mixing - sorrow and joy - loneliness and connection - silence and sound.  I inform her I still exist - back porch - silent - Summertime Woman smiles - listening - yearning to create the same vibrations.  I hunt - I journey - I return.  I cannot tell her where I’ve been - only where I am.  Here I am - I am here.  Coyotes join in - farm dogs don’t dare.  I make hills howl.

She hears me - she is Friend.  I am grown - I am WOLF.

Bright morning - direct sunlight through barnwood windows - too comfortable for daybreak departure.  Sweet soft hay - seduced my old bones - quiet solitude - no escaping the dreamtime.  Farmer’s Wife Woman - roasting chicken – scents – succulent - steeped - into my subconscious.  Lo – the Dairy Farmer - gravel crunching - sunshine dazzling - now empty still warm barn-bed-hay-nest - cornfield fleeing - woods bounding - yet momentarily noting - barn entrance - shiny chicken carcass - small metal pan.

She feeds me - she is Friend.  I am old - I am WOLF. 

 - Amy Lewis Sweetman


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