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Philippine Law School Entrance Exam Reviewer Pdf 123 (Latest)




.32612 g4ep universal law school admission test bonifacio puntingas tuyugan exit exam thomas mulanay 2017Q: Vector direction in the context of x,y movement I have a question about a vector and its direction. Let's say you have an arrow that is pointing to the right, which represents the direction for a moving character. To move the character to the right, you do something like this: x += right y += down where right is the vector representing the direction you want to move the character, down is the vector that represents the direction you are moving vertically (and down from the character's origin), and x and y are the new position for the character. Now, if you want to move in the direction you're already moving, which is up, you just need to do the opposite: x += up y += up When the character is pointing down, the arrows go right. When the character is pointing up, the arrows go left. But if you want to turn around on the same spot, you don't want to change the direction, you just want to change your position. So if you're already moving right, and you want to turn around, you don't need to do anything to change your position, you just want to change your direction. So my question is: why do you need to subtract the vector to get to the opposite direction? I would think that the opposite direction would be all that's needed, since if you are moving right, that means that you're pointing up. For example, if the character is already going right, and you want to turn around to the left, you would say But that would be adding up, not subtracting. So you would say x -= right y -= up is that right? A: If you are traveling in a straight line, you can't change the direction of travel without changing the length of the vector. The vector is really a line in space, and you are only able to go in a straight line. If your line is heading east, and you want to travel west for a while, you need to add a point to your vector, which makes it longer. You could also add a point along a perpendicular line. Say you want to make a right turn, but you want to stay on your current course




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Philippine Law School Entrance Exam Reviewer Pdf 123 (Latest)

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