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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Commissioned by the Town of Warwick, NY - Amy Lewis Sweetman of AGRISCULPTURE designed the Masterplan, Concept, Name, Renderings, Graphics and Website for a very particular piece of land within Wickham Woodlands Town Park.

"Transformation Trails : from Prison to Park" - Warwick, NY's Arboretum with Pollinator Meadows, Sculpture and History - is currently under construction on a ten acre parcel situated in between two sets of chain link fences formerly belonging to the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility. The prison closed in 2011 and became a 750 acre Town Park within Warwick, hosting a variety of businesses and organizations upon 150 acres and allowing 600 acres to be natural park space - including the beautiful Wickham Lake. Transformation Trails surrounds the Hudson Sports Complex on the West, North and East sides - and will incorporate exercise stations, both temporary and permanent sculpture exhibitions as well as an amphitheater amongst the trees and walking trails!

A public Opening Celebration was held today - Saturday April 13, 2023 at 10am - within the fences of Transformation Trails and featured the planting of the first five new trees! As part of this park's Tree Sponsorship Program, a Scarlet Oak, Pin Oak, Tulip Tree, Crabapple as well as a London Plane were entrusted into the Earth by a host of local celebrities including Warwick Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton, Hudson Sports Complex Owner Raluca Gold-Fuchs and Warwick Tree Commissioner Karen Emmerich.

Support this glorious project today!

To Sponsor a Tree, Make a Donation and/or become a Patron of the Park, please visit:

For more information, construction updates and news about the upcoming official Grand Opening of Transformation Trails : from Prison to Park, please visit:

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